Crisis management - good and effective communication is critical

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Crisis management - good and effective communication is critical
Crisis management - good and effective communication is critical

Shopping mall is a place where thousands of people meet on a daily basis. It is a place of gathering, shopping, eating, experiencing and meeting.

It is also a source of daily goods for many and on the other hand a source of income for many. It’s not totally wrong to say that shopping malls are the heart of our economy.

At the end of February 2020, national authorities all over Europe initiated serious reactions to slowdown the outbreak of Covid-19 epidemic. As a consequence, the shopping malls have been in a constant communication towards their tenants and consumers ever since.

We all are in this together – communication is the key.

Governments have been choosing different strategies with their Covid-19 reactions. It seems that there are no simple solutions at hand. However, what we can agree on is the importance of communication and reaching the right audience when the time is of the essence.

Recommendations are updated in short pace.

As you all know, several updates from healthcare authorities and government officials have been launched within the past few days resulting to a lot of open questions, such as “how the shopping malls will be serving their consumers”. As always, the authorities naturally need to do their best estimations with the available information they have at the moment.

Authorities emphasise the importance of communication

Mr. Kari Tikkinen, Adjunct Professor of Clinical Epidemiology from University of Helsinki - How do you see the role of the internal guidance and external communication in THESE kind of situations?

“The exceptional decisions to limit services and individual freedom can be a challenge for many. Shopping malls offer some critical services such as grocery, pharmacy as well as some social services. Successful communication is crucial in efforts to guarantee services for those in need, especially in these challenging times, says adjunct professor Tikkinen.

“Given instructions need to be taken seriously. Thus, the importance of the communication is further emphasised. In concrete, this can for instance mean temporary closing of the shopping malls. Some may see this as an extreme action but in some situations this approach may prevent bigger losses in severe epidemics”, states adjunct professor Tikkinen.

The effects are drastic.

Current wave of the Covid-19 outbreak will have a serious impact for us on different levels; economic, society, personal health threat and possible losses on loved ones.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

This is a reminder of humanity for many us. While we are forced now to quarantine us socially, let’s not quarantine our humanity, help each other and come out of this together – It is always darkest before the dawn, but sun will rise again.


Hannu Käki - VP, Business Development at Hyper[in]

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